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With myOXperience you can go to Great Britain for 5 days, where you will experience life as a real Oxford student, live in Jesus College and take part in lectures given by real professors from Oxford.
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Why should you apply?

  • You will visit the university with over 900 years of tradition, where people like Stephen Hawking, Tolkien or Oscar Wilde have studied.
  • You will spend a week in Jesus College, a college with the former Prime Minister of Great Britain Harold Wilson as one of its alumni.
  • You will meet its students and hear about the academic achievements that assured them a place at one of the best universities in the world.
  • You will learn about the process of application to the best British universities and the various ways in which you can finance your studies. 
  • You will explore the education system in Oxford and engage in discussions with acclaimed professors on tutorials from a chosen field of expertise.
  • You will have an extraordinary experience.

As a participant of myOXperience you will gain:

  • A place amongst other Oxford students during 5 days of workshops.
  • A scholarship covering the costs of flights, food, accommodation and workshops.
  • Support of professionals from Project Access and the TDJ Foundation, who have experience with visiting schools abroad

You should apply for myOXperience if:

  • You are between 16 and 17 years old
  • Know English at a good level
  • Want to broaden your academic horizons


15th November - 16th December 2018

RECRUITMENT - 1st stage: fill the entry form

Till 31st December 2018

RECRUITMENT - 2nd stage: interviews with chosen candidates

31th January 2019


18th - 22nd March 2019


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About us

We invest in education and development, enabling access to the best internships as we believe that this is the greatest opportunity we could give to society. We have experience in supporting youth in educational trips abroad – language courses, orientation meetings or a year of studying in schools across Europe and the USA. We have contributed to creating myOXperience in order to show young people that studying at British universities is more than a dream – it is a possibility.

We are a charity created by polish students in Oxford and Cambridge. We promote studies at the top foreign universities and help polish students with the application process for free. We believe that everyone, regardless of their financial situation should have equal opportunities for developing their talents. Our foundation operates within the framework of the international Project Access organization. 



The contest is a joint initiative between the TDJ Foundation and Project Access. Our goal is to make the polish youth aware about the possibilities of education abroad and support them in achieving their goals. As part of the trip we will be talking with the participants about various aspects regarding studying in Great Britain and organizing classes with an aim of developing their academic passions. They will cover a wide range of topics and disciplines that are not mentioned in high schools, such as psychology or economics. Therefore, we encourage you to apply regardless of your outline of interests!

No! The organizers finance:

–  Flights and transport from Warsaw to Oxford and back,

– Travel Insurance,

–  Accommodation and food in Oxford,

–  Classes for participants and any necessary equipment or materials

The selected participants are only required to make their own way to the meeting point, the Warsaw Airport.

During the trip the participants will take part in lectures given by university professors. In order to fully benefit from these opportunities, the participant should be confident in both speaking and writing in English


The participants of the contest must be 16 or 17 at the day of the departure – the 18th of March 2019.


Accommodation and all meals are ensured by us with cooperation with Jesus College, one of the 38 constituent colleges of the University of Oxford. The participants will stay in rooms usually occupied by university students during the academic term.


Only the applicants selected in the contest will take part in the trip. The number of chosen laureates will depend on the quality of their applications. We are currently planning to invite around 30 people.


We require a written parental permission and an agreement to our terms and conditions from every participant of the trip.


Academic – Thanks to our cooperation with one of the Oxford colleges we are able to offer many hours of classes with the academic staff to the participants. They will take part in science lectures, workshops and ‘tutorial’ classes, which are a core element of education at the University. We will also visit different departments, such as the department of physics and economics, where we will listen to experts speak about how research in their fields is conducted. 

Workshops with the TDJ Foundation and Project Access – Mentors from Project Access and the TDJ Foundation will share their knowledge and experience in the aspect of foreign education with the participants. We will also work on methods for achieving goals. The mentors of Project Access, together with university academics will familiarize the potential applicants with the Oxford selection process and the ways to prepare for it, as well as scholarships and other sources of funding for studies.

Sightseeing – As part of the trip, we plan to visit the monuments and museums located in Oxford. We will see many colleges – autonomous homes for students and academics that make up the university. We will also visit the Oxford Museum of Natural History and the Pitt Rivers Museum containing artefacts of cultures from around the world.

As there are no restrictions to the subject groups of those who can apply, we face a difficult task of choosing the best people from a very diverse pool. When reading through the applications at the first stage, we highly value the ability to formulate and clearly refer to arguments. The next stage of the process requires the applicants to complete a short written form, in which they should comment on the position presented to them. We will also consider the initiative and motivation of the applicants; we appreciate individual efforts for developing one’s potential on every level, whether it consists of reading books, participating in lectures or preparing for competitions. We also take into account the socio-economic situation of applicants – we understand that reaching full potential may be harder for those who live far away from the top schools, or those who cannott arrange additional lessons and tutoring for themselves.